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If you have experience trading cryptocurrencies, you may know that in order to obtain USDT, you cannot immediately exchange Japanese yen.
For those who have not experienced it, I will explain it in detail.

① How to obtain USDT

① Transfer Japanese yen from bank to domestic exchange



②Purchase cryptocurrencies such as BTC with the remitted Japanese yen

③ Transfer the purchased BTC to an overseas exchange


④Sell the sent BTC and get USDT

The most common way to obtain USDT requires following the four steps mentioned above.
The most important thing to succeed with cryptocurrencies here is to exchange cryptocurrencies at a good rate.
The following remittance fees and transaction fees are required for each step in the above steps.
①Remittance fee to domestic exchanges
②Transaction fees when purchasing BTC
③ Remittance fees to overseas exchanges
④Transaction fee when selling BTC

In other words, even if 1 dollar = 100 USDT, as long as this intermediate fee occurs, you will never be able to obtain it at 1 dollar = 100 USDT.

② How to obtain USDT: P2P trading

Actually, there is another way to obtain USDT. That is the P2P trading introduced by major overseas exchanges Bybit and BINANCE.
P2P trading refers to buying and selling between individuals.

And this is the screen showing the actual P2P transaction rate.

The advantage of P2P transactions is that they are bought and sold between individuals, so you can immediately obtain USDT by transferring money to the bank specified by the other party.
In other words, if you want 10,000 USDT, you will need 155 yen x 10,000 USD = 1,550,000 yen.

At first glance, it seems easy to obtain USDT, but there are major disadvantages.

① Since transactions are between individuals, troubles are likely to occur.
②The buying and selling rate is much higher.

This is the dollar-yen rate in the foreign exchange market at the same time. As you can see, there is a difference of about 4 yen.
Normally, you could get USDT for 151 yen x 10,000 USD = 1,510,000 yen, but if you use P2P trading, you will end up losing nearly 40,000 yen.
This means that when you purchase other cryptocurrencies, you start with a minus of 40,000 yen.

Ceylon International USDT exchange

The reason why our company, Ceylon International, is the best choice for USDT exchange is because we are an exchange business, not a sale of USDT.
In other words, you do not receive any profit when exchanging USDT.


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